The Importance of Black Beauty in Ireland

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The vast majority of us have endured many years of non-inclusivity when it comes to the beauty supply market. Growing up, a lot of us share the same experience of never being able to find suitable products for our skin and hair type in the stores that are supposedly created for everyone. Everyone but us, huh? For many of us here in Ireland, it wasn’t until our late teenage years, or even our twenties, that we saw diversity and inclusivity in the very places we have been shopping in our whole lives.


So a cry was released from our community, for these things to change. Now, we at Nogora Beauty are here to deliver that change. One remarkable thing about the black community is our resilience and determination to create our own tables when we are denied a seat at others. Rather than sitting and indefinitely waiting for our cry to be heard, we rather choose to stand up and take action ourselves. Nogora Beauty is committed to acting on your behalf and meeting the needs of a community that we care so deeply for. We are committed to seeing a generation of black people rise and be bold about their indeniable beauty. So, we are here to assist you by providing you with the very products you need to emphasise your beautiful God-given features.


We hope to set a standard among the black community – a standard of mutual support. As we commit ourselves to supporting you, we hope that you can also support us, as well as other local black businesses. We will be catering to you items from all your favourite black beauty brands and small Irish black beauty businesses, and we hope to do a good job at this as we continue to expand. We will also be promoting these brands incase you wish to directly support them yourselves!


So today, as you shop at Nogora Beauty, keep in mind that you are becoming the change that we all want to see. And we are so proud.

- Nogora

                                                                       Written By Aghogho Sophie Okpara

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